World Kindness Day!

It may well be Friday 13th, but it's also World Kindness Day!

I've been at times overwhelmed by acts of kindness shown to me and over the last few years it's these gestures of kindness that have helped to restore my faith in human nature, made me smile and indeed helped me to 'keep turning the pages' of what I call 'my book of life'!

It's also been so nice to be told that 'I've' helped people and 'my' kindness has made a difference too.

I've been asked to share this special video again which features some of my family, special friends and some of the musicians that we've created the new album with.

We're living in very challenging times and a few of my closest friends are having an extremely tough time right now - I hope that these situations are soon in the past let's try to help each other and lets try to make things better not worse for ourselves and generations to follow.

Lot of love


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