Egg Shells!! Christmas isn't that far away!! 

Well "Happy July"!!

Congratulations to the England Football Team qualifying last night, now set to play Italy in the final!!

We wait to see how it will go now for Theatre venues and other live entertainment venues hoping that using cautious guidelines and dare I say common sense, we can see more shows given the green light, but it feels like I'm walking on egg shells as do we prepare only to be told our shows can't go ahead again or go ahead with confidence?

In the meantime we're preparing with hope and I'm also hoping that this weekend Jeff Hooper and I will enjoy 'dipping our toes in the water' as we are performing self contained & socially distanced in Wales - I must say that rehearsing a few Bacharach songs yesterday I found myself crying with pent up emotion which took me by surprise, but I suppose it's understandable as the last 16 months have been rather a shock to the entertainment/hospitality industry to say the least.

On the bright side I'm writing this blog and you're reading it!  We're doing 'ok'!!

The CD's are being received rather well and our "Alfie" video on Youtube is steadily being seen and heard around the world, that's pretty awesome in these times!

David and I are even wondering if our 'Sedaka meets Bacharach' show can be re-scheduled with confidence!!

We'll see!!




Hello All - Here we are half way through the year!!

I hope by now you've heard at least one of the songs from the new album??

Our "Alfie" video has reached over 1,300k views on Youtube and I'm receiving some lovely emails/compliments on the album-keep them coming and please keep sharing/spreading the word/ request to hear the songs if you listen to radio-ask your favourite radio presenters to play and help others to enjoy my music!!

We've had airplay from various stations including BBC Radio WALES from Mal Pope, Owen Money. Gabe and Eleri and Mike Kennedy's various Welsh Connections/Stations, Wigwam, etc MARK Hegarty from Cardiff Radio 80's Show,  and Gina James Pure West Radio to name a few...........Thank you!!

And later on in the year I'm VERY excited to remind you that we'll be releasing new and ORIGINAL songs!!**




For June #pride 2021 

When you purchase the CD I'm offering the Pride 2021/LOVE IS STILL THE ANSWER T-SHIRTS FOR £7.00 INCLUDING T-SHIRT P&P

Make sure you state size(s) and Colour required when you give postal address

Please go to the STORE section Order CD then order your T('s)


Please keep yourselves well!

Wear these shirts with a smile!  Enjoy Real Music, played by Real People!!

This photo is a little blurred - please go to STORE for a clearer photo of the beautiful T's printed kindly by kelly@sweateezhoodz

Christmas Gift Ideas?!! 

Here we are May 25th, almost half way through the year!!

Last night I received a request for 2 CD albums, 2 china mugs and 2 vinyl-look CD coasters!!

What 'shocked' me was that these are orders for Christmas gifts!!

I've hardly thought about Christmas, other than to 'hope' that we'll be able to meet and spend time with family and friends more comfortably, so I'm very impressed by this persons forward planning!!

Of course I'm very happy to put these gifts together and post out as requested two weeks before December 25th and on giving it some thought today, it 'hit' me that it really isn't that far away!!

I'm really thrilled with the reaction to the album and thank all who've supported me so far, subscribing to/viewing my Youtube version of "Alfie" to date 1.2+K views, purchasing the new album through this site or getting in touch through my social media sites etc.

I would also like to thank the radio presenters who've played various songs from the album over the last few months and given me such lovely continuing support and feedback!

I thank you!

I'm currently working on new material and will reveal all when we're a little closer to sharing what we've been creating!!

Coming Soon!!!

In the meantime please add me to your playlists.....e.g. Alexa play 'Love is still the answer' album by Elaine Gilmore...

Follow me on social platforms and let's continue to share this lovely music from the Burt Bacharach catalogue-(with our arrangements, our orchestra, fabulous musicians, creative twists and touches)

Listen to my album "Love is still the answer" and it certainly will be a pleasure to receive your orders for friends and family as we go through the year and indeed think of gifts that can be sent yes..........even for Christmas!!

At this point in time, we're not yet able to perform to our audiences in Wales U.K. so for now we keep in touch and rely on your social media support as we wait to be given the green light to resume plans for future shows.

Very soon we'll be long overdue to have more than one album wrap party as my husband Paul also has as The Korgis drummer a new album being released soon (available for pre-order now) and absolutely brilliant in my opinion!!

So....with shows planned and lots of live concerts/gigs in the pipeline I'll end here.....

For now as the Doobie Brothers say .."Whoa a whoa...listen to the music"!!

Lots of Love All!

#christmas #christmasgiftideas #forwardthinking #love #loveisstilltheanswer #alfie

E. xx








May! - Looking Forward...... 

Thank you for taking a look at my website!

The new album is being received really, REALLY well, I couldn't be happier about that! I can tell you that it's even landed on a doormat at the TOWER of LONDON this week!! (that enquiry certainly was a lovely surprise!!)

(Available in the 'Store' section/ really easy to order!)

Also at Derricks Records Swansea & Penarth Music Centre.

I've received so many compliments /endorsements - please go to my home page and scroll down to see reviews from Elio Pace and Nicky Stevens from The Brotherhood of Man.......

I'm very excited to announce a collaboration or two is being talked about!!


I've started recording new songs, the first single from a NEW ALBUM will be released in the summer!!

More news on how that's all going soon.

                                        WOO HOO!!

Let's hope that the rest of the year will continue with more of us getting back into the swing of things...

Please follow me on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter  and if you order / hear the album...let me know if you've enjoyed and any 'favourite' song?!!

And of course 'if' you haven't seen our version of "Alfie" on Youtube then ...take a look!

Lots of love All 




Cover me in sunshine! 

Hi All!

So..we 'may' love clothes in the colour Black? It gives us 'confidence'/ makes us look slimmer 'they' say??

Well, here we are in April and I just HAVE to get m' colours out!!

Yes I've over eaten and consumed a little more Malbec (yes vegan by the way- Mark!) over the last year than 'maybe' I should've....but I am getting out those colourful clothes as I find they cheer me up, do you agree?

I hope my new colour design photos will make you smile... and look out for more as I share more news .....

What could it be???

I will of course SHARE very soon!!

In the meantime, as always, your comment, support and friendship is appreciated - Songs from the album, indeed The entire new album is available on all digital formats!  Ask Alexa, i-tunes,Spotify to play "Love is still the answer" Album by Elaine Gilmore!!

A special mention to 2 very special people who've cheered me up in the last week with beautiful words in the form of emails- Thank you Sue & Phil and another mention to the beautiful Nicky Stevens for that wonderful review of the album-heartfelt thanks Nicky-very special words coming from you!

Best Wishes for April all - Keep smiling - Keep in touch!

Please take a look at my Youtube clips, if you haven't already?!! -  *SUBSCRIBE (it's free),Like, *Comment & *Share...

Elaine Gilmore "Alfie"




Middle March, News & Reviews! 

Spring has sprung and 'here's hoping' as my mother-in-law says that we're nearer to getting some freedoms back!

The album's being received well and I'm enjoying marvellous feed-back on all aspects of it, from the cover, the song choices, orchestrations, production..... well everything!!

The china mugs and vinyl-look coasters were a bit of fun but are being 'raved' about so we're producing more as enquiries for the coasters have led to them being bought as a gift-wrapped set of 4! - Ideal gifts for anyone who has the album & music lovers in general! (Being added to site asap or enquire to my social media sites).**


"Your version of "Arthur's Theme"  is absolutely stunning"



"The best compilation of Burt Bacharach songs I've ever heard"




"One could almost say that Burt Bacharach wrote these songs with Elaine Gilmore in mind.  With a voice that is super smooth, with a great tone and so easy to listen to, her renditions of these timeless songs are most certainly well in her comfort zone as a vocalist and for me a great joy to listen to such a super talent.  I loved her choice of songs with my favourite being "Alfie".  I will most certainly play her CD at future dinner parties.

A mention must go to the talented musicians providing the backing and the great production team at the studios.  All in all, I would definitely recommend this CD for your collection.

AND HERE MIKE DOYLE enjoyed the CD over dinner with his wife Marie and sent this photo.....along with Gemma, my daughter in Spain, Debbie's Mum (& the budgie!), Debbie, 2 precious girls with the china mugs early in the morning, and my eldest precious daughter-Claire!

More recording news to follow soon...but for now..keep spreading the word & keep your messages coming, it cheers us up & motivates us. THANK YOU for your support & remember LOVE IS STILL...THE ANSWER!!  Elaine xx


February Update! 


Well here we are in February, and a very cold month so far indeed!

A little update:

We're not scheduling a "Sedaka meets Bacharach" show at the moment as quite frankly, I don't want the disappointment of not being able to fulfil the date, and of course we all need to feel safe and sure, relaxed to be able to have a fantastic night! 

Better news is that the album is being very well received and a lovely surprise to me that it's been bought as Valentine's gifts which is just wonderful! (Received a Mother's Day order yesterday too)! I'm just thrilled that it's being enjoyed!!

Last night "Alfie" was played on BBC Radio Wales again by Gabe Cameron & Eleri Sion as his 'musical choice' as of course "Alfie" was a movie starring Michael Caine (now Sir Michael Caine) in 1966. Eleri hadn't heard my version before and commented that she would like to hear more so that was very nice as it's not easy to get radio play if you're singing/playing 'covers'- it will be great if she enjoys hearing the rest of the album, ring in to Radio Wales (or any other station) to request if you're so inclined!

Just to let you know that I also have some 'merch' available in the form of a coaster & china mug - created by Sharon at "Arferaid" which can be packaged as a gift with chocolates inside for Mother's day along with a CD of course!Arriving today! 

I'm gathering reviews to share with you soon, but for now I'll wish you lots of music listening days and please all take good care of yourselves!

Have a great weekend!

More news soon!

Elaine xx


It's NOT a sin - It is indeed a GIFT!! 

Hi Everyone!

Spring is on the way! Here's hoping for good news in the next few weeks/months, and that we are getting nearer to breaking out!!

We've been trying to keep ourselves occupied both physically and mentally, whilst staying home and trying to find motivation for other things other than eating!!

How are you doing? I hope you're starting to find glimmers of hope and planning a 'better' summer.........

It's been a very hard time indeed for those who've lost loved ones, and today the news is filled with the tributes being paid to the inspirational Sir Captain Tom after his death was announced yesterday. ** I just hope that we can all remember his inspirational quotes, his attitude to life and take that forward in our everyday lives as we gradually return to better times.**

I invite you to join my mailing list if you'd like to stay updated as we all move forward:

Suggestion for GIFT IDEAS!   We've had people re-ordering which in itself is a great compliment! 

I'm so thrilled that the album's being enjoyed & re-ordered - with songs that were recorded by Dionne Warwick, Cilla Black, Christopher Cross, The Carpenters & even Elvis Costello - ( Track 7-"God Give Me Strength" from the film "Grace of My Heart") it has a great selection and something for people who simply appreciate REAL MUSIC, featuring a REAL ORCHESTRA - it deserves a listen?!! - Made up of some of my old friends/musicians that I've worked with over the years and other musicians that have become my friends throughout the making of this album this has indeed been a wonderful 'project' and one I want to share with the world!!

These guys'n'gals really did a superb job, their pro attitude, talent and hard work comes through and indeed it made my job an absolute pleasure to create this body of work with them!! 

You can't 'gift' a download, you can't see the cover details, enjoy the vinyl-look CD, or feel the quality so what about this for an idea?!! 

We've got Valentine's Day coming up Feb 14th!

Mother's Day  March 14th!

And it's also a great Birthday GIFT IDEA?

With songs from the 60's, 70's, & 80's played by these awesome musicians, why not give it a whirl?!!

The singing's not so shabby either?!! (recorded at Shabbey Road Studios)!!

*Let me know what you think?!!*

Cheers everyone,

Here's to the music! 






It's OUT NOW! 

Hi All

I'm absolutely thrilled to say that the album is out and we're mailing out every week!

All pre-orders are now being mailed out and I'm receiving some wonderful compliments on the whole Look, Feel, Sound and Quality of it! Thank you!!

I've got to thank everyone who's taken the time to get behind me with this project, it means so much and especially at this particularly challenging time.

It's not for me to 'blow my own trumpet' - 

Go to the 'store' section on this site and order a copy! / Add it to your playlists!


Also - don't delay SUBSCRIBE today to my Youtube channel and look out for new releases in the future!


I look forward to hearing from you, and I'm so happy to finally PRESENT......."Love Is Still The Answer" ! The Album!!



Awaiting Album Delivery - Update 

Hi All,

I hope you're well.

Extraordinary circumstances indeed!

Delivery of  "Love Is Still The Answer" was scheduled for Monday 21st and the album has been dispatched, which would've been great and just in time for Christmas - but as you may be aware, couriers are having a nightmare time out there and I have to let you know that unfortunately we are still awaiting delivery of the album to us!

Disappointing for sure!  I can only apologise and hope that you will think on the same lines as me: In the scheme of things, a delay isn't something we should get too upset about considering what we're all facing during.... this pandemic?!!

I assure you that as soon as we receive, they'll be sent out to you - jiffy's are labelled and ready!

Wishing you the best Christmas-time possible - Let's get through this and I hope you will enjoy the album.....when it get gets to you!

Lots of Love

Merry Christmas

Elaine & Paul