Cloud 9 


Thought it was time to add a few photos of another successful night at Brecon cathedral!

I've been catching up with some personal  messages and thrilled to have had another few enquiries regarding the show!

I'm still on cloud 9 as it was such a special occasion celebrating 40 years of the Brecon Jazz Festival and the fact that to celebrate the 30th year Burt himself did the opening concert…well I'm thrilled to have closed the cathedral weekend gigs with my tribute to his work, just wonderful!

Tickets are on sale for “Simply Bacharach” at Swansea Jazz Club 3rd November please come along and share this fabulous selection of songs performed by my brilliant world class musicians and little ol' me!


Candlelight Concert Brecon Cathedral 

I along with my amazing band are looking forward to performing my “Simply Bacharach” Show at Brecon Cathedral on 13th August for a special candlelit Concert!

Delighted to be sharing the stage with my musician friends Dave Cottle, Richard Cottle, Laurence Cottle & Paul Smith (who happens to be my dear husband!)

This Sunday evening concert is the closing concert at the cathedral and we will be thrilled if you can join us for this celebration of the compositions of Burt Bacharach, Hal David, Carole Bayer Sager & other collaborators.

Featuring along with the songs from my album “Love is still the answer" songs recorded by Dionne Warwick, Cilla Black, Christopher Cross, B.J.Thomas and yes Tom Jones to name a few!

Come on Down!

Tickets available Now!

A Change of Venue! Storm Warnings... 

Due to there being a weather warning/thunder storms expected the Hay Jazz Day planned for tomorrow 11th June has been postponed…as the day time events were planned for outside..we apologise for any inconvenience & tickets can be refunded.


We are delighted to announce however that the event is now being hosted by Cu Mumbles - A new venue in the heart of Mumbles! 

We invite you to join us at this lovely newly refurbished venue!

Great jazz & swing event-Please be there to enjoy from 12.30 through to my evening show!

Tickets available:

We hope that many of you are able to join us and any tickets already purchased will be refunded of course!


The Globe at Hay! 

June 11th is the date!

After a successful evening at Langlands Brasserie Mumbles, I'm announcing the next “Simply Bacharach” show!

Come on down to The Globe at Hay!

Newport Street, Hay-on-Wye, Hereford HR3 5BG

A great day of music featuring friends old and new:

Take a look at the website:

Book Day tickets Or Day to Eve OR Evening Closing Concert:

Elaine Gilmore “Simply Bacharach” Show

Excited to share that on this occasion I am honoured to have more world class musicians joining me!


Dave, Laurence & Richard Cottle with Paul Smith!

Please book to support this fabulous event…

We look forward to seeing you!

(CD's available on the night)

May-Bring it on! 


I have news!…

My 1st “Bacharach/David” show is imminent!

This is “Simply Bacharach" as it's me with a Trio!

As you're hopefully aware by now, all was set for a concert in April 2020 with an orchestra…… but we all know what happened then.  Since then, I've not fully got my ‘mojo’ back to be honest with you with one thing and another..but hey ho we must keep trying as I 'proclaim" to my girls!

So, here I am about to “set sail”, & promote the album (on which there will be more news soon!)

May 14th at Langlands Brasserie, Mumbles, Swansea Sold Out within a week or two of tickets becoming available (with a cancellations waiting list in place!) and with much interest in the show so I'll be letting you know future dates very soon!


Take care all and keep listening to the music…and let me know your favourite Bacharach/David songs please!

Thank you for your support-Special thanks to Ros xx




Losing 'him'  

Hearing the news that we've lost the legendary, most wonderfully talented composer Burt Bacharach has made my heart sink.

Only yesterday I was booked to perform the B.B songs I recently recorded on my album ‘'Love is still the answer’' this coming May……now I'm feeling the impact of our loss….and realise the show will be a little different going forward, although I hope the sadness felt right now will ‘ease’ and we can go forward in celebration of this marvellous mans work….his love…

R.I.P Burt Bacharach

May 1928 - February 2023

Your Music Will Live On - With Respect - Thank you




Living in the "NOW" :) 

Here we are a few months down the road!

Counting blessings of which there have been many, amongst navigating 'challenges' of which there have also been a few! 

C'est la vie!

I've managed a few sessions/ hours in the studio with Al and we've made some progress on a song I'd written a while back, in fact wait for it......3 years or more ago!!

Progress has also been made on the collaboration with Ian Mitchard who's written some fabulous songs for me and I'm excited to release one of those songs in the not too distant future....with that new album of original music to follow., so that's exciting to look forward to.

Unfortunately I've had some family issues to deal with which have taken up so much of my time and energy this year so far that my projects have had to take a 'side seat' in my priorities, BUT it's just a delay and I'm just getting things done at a slower pace, but you know what?- It's OK. It's good. I'm thankful for so much in my life that a delay doesn't phase me.

I've enjoyed singing at some weddings throughout the year, holiday parks, clubs and beautiful hotels so I think I can be contented with that after surviving the pandemic, being required to cheer people up/entertain with my music/my voice has been an absolute pleasure, it really has.

I'll be appearing again at 'The Ivy Bush Royal' throughout December and there are a couple of other things in the pipeline I'll shout about my new song releases and all on my Instagram, Twitter feeds etc so watch out for that news!

Thank you for reading my blogs and all messages of support/interest - and thank you for buying the album, streaming etc xx

Much love

Elaine xx






Music to soothe! 

Yes this is what's being said over and over regarding my Bacharach album, and d'ya know what? - I'll take that! Absolutely!

What a blessing it is to be able to soothe!  Special  mentions to two ladies this month - Thank you Glenna and Gloria for your messages/feedback, it's appreciated.

Well following on from my last blog, all of those gigs have been great plus what I can probably say was a really special night for me when I got to appear at Swansea Jazz Club with the house band PLUS Laurence Cottle not on bass but trombone!  I can honestly say that I enjoyed EVERY note I sang and every note played!

We opened with "My Funny Valentine" and we also played "This Girl's/guy's In Love" etc and I was thrilled to sing a song that I've wanted to perform for a while - "Spain" (Al Jarreau) I loved it!  Also a bit of a thrill too as the band hadn't  recalled ever playing it with a singer before, usually instrumental! Wow! A first!! #woman

So to finish up for today, Paul & I are looking forward to a break away, he's had a very diverse few weeks playing jazz, soul, so many different styles of music including playing with "Moonlight Serenade" Big Band at The Torch Theatre Milford Haven which featured what I hear to be a pretty awesome drum solo in "Sing, sing, sing" where the band left the stage and Paul Smith was on fine form!! Just fantastic.

We've been busy worrying about our mum's and my mum is currently in hospital, so we have a few things going on so these special times are helping us to 'heal' and enjoy our work - we're both very thankful.

Thank you so much to our friends old and new for your friendship. love & support, in these times we're witnessing/experiencing, being kind and appreciating each other is a precious thing we can do if we're able.

Music is universal - let's continue to enjoy!


January...sick & tired you've been hanging on me.... 

Well here we are, and what a time we're still juggling with!!

November supporting Hamish Stuart was so great, I'm so happy that I got to sing some of the Bacharach songs featured on my album plus two original songs written for me by Ian Mitchard-they were very well received and I had a great time with friends old & new resulting in a few album sales-I feel very 'blessed'!!

We're 'dipping our toes in the water' but it's still not all systems go unfortunately!!

A few good things happening, lets be 'positive' a good way!!

Jeff Hooper's appearing at the re-opening of our fantastic jazz club in Swansea 4th Feb my dear husband Paul Smith of course on drums with Dave Cottle on piano, Alun Vaughan on bass guitar....with Nick Mead on trumpet, Ceri Ress & Dick Hamer on Saxaphones....a great night guaranteed!!

I'm doing a few local clubs this month, and honoured to be asked to sing at a private party celebrating a very special birthday at a local hotel mid February.

On 1st March for the 3rd time Jeff Hooper and I will be celebrating St.Davids Day together again at The Hereford Welsh Club!

Recording at Shabbey of course adding to the Bacharach show and continuing with more songs written by Ian!

Lots to look forward to.........................

Let's hope February, March & April we'll have more good news to share.....

Come on down,...

Let's hope we're recovering very soon.....

E. xx





December Blog  

Hello Everyone...

I hope you're doing o.k. in these rather 'challenging' times??!!

The beginning of the month started well for us, appearing at Swansea Jazz Club - what a lovely night that was!!

It was quite 'emotional'/special to be appearing at the club after such a long time, finally performing some of the songs from my new album - "Love is still the answer" plus songs written for me by the wonderfully talented songwriter Ian Mitchard that were received really, REALLY well, I am so happy about that!!

(Due for release next year/watch this space!)!!


To be followed by the fantastic Hamish Stewart and his band was absolutely FANTASTIC! I've been enjoying appearing at The Ivy Bush Royal Hotel, Carmarthen on Friday & Saturday nights from the beginning of December until 26th for Christmas Party nights and as you can see, there are a lot of  plans for next year, so hopefully we'll get over the present 'obstacles' and go forward to enjoy the many fantastic events scheduled.

There's more recording underway and there are gigs to be confirmed but for now I'm just going to say that I wish everyone the best of luck going forward.

Thank you for your purchases and support over the last year particularly, I've been absolutely thrilled with the response to the album and the YouTube views of "Alfie" which are set to reach 2k + by Christmas!!

Keep listening, enjoying music, keep well and try to keep smiling!!

Merry Christmas