Music to soothe!

Yes this is what's being said over and over regarding my Bacharach album, and d'ya know what? - I'll take that! Absolutely!

What a blessing it is to be able to soothe!  Special  mentions to two ladies this month - Thank you Glenna and Gloria for your messages/feedback, it's appreciated.

Well following on from my last blog, all of those gigs have been great plus what I can probably say was a really special night for me when I got to appear at Swansea Jazz Club with the house band PLUS Laurence Cottle not on bass but trombone!  I can honestly say that I enjoyed EVERY note I sang and every note played!

We opened with "My Funny Valentine" and we also played "This Girl's/guy's In Love" etc and I was thrilled to sing a song that I've wanted to perform for a while - "Spain" (Al Jarreau) I loved it!  Also a bit of a thrill too as the band hadn't  recalled ever playing it with a singer before, usually instrumental! Wow! A first!! #woman

So to finish up for today, Paul & I are looking forward to a break away, he's had a very diverse few weeks playing jazz, soul, so many different styles of music including playing with "Moonlight Serenade" Big Band at The Torch Theatre Milford Haven which featured what I hear to be a pretty awesome drum solo in "Sing, sing, sing" where the band left the stage and Paul Smith was on fine form!! Just fantastic.

We've been busy worrying about our mum's and my mum is currently in hospital, so we have a few things going on so these special times are helping us to 'heal' and enjoy our work - we're both very thankful.

Thank you so much to our friends old and new for your friendship. love & support, in these times we're witnessing/experiencing, being kind and appreciating each other is a precious thing we can do if we're able.

Music is universal - let's continue to enjoy!