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It's OUT NOW! 

Hi All

I'm absolutely thrilled to say that the album is out and we're mailing out every week!

All pre-orders are now being mailed out and I'm receiving some wonderful compliments on the whole Look, Feel, Sound and Quality of it! Thank you!!

I've got to thank everyone who's taken the time to get behind me with this project, it means so much and especially at this particularly challenging time.

It's not for me to 'blow my own trumpet' - 

Go to the 'music' or 'store' section on this site and order a copy! / Add it to your playlists!


Also - don't delay SUBSCRIBE today to my Youtube channel and look out for new releases in the future!  https://youtu.be/4FgHEeQ6_f0


I look forward to hearing from you, and I'm so happy to finally PRESENT......."Love Is Still The Answer" ! The Album!!



Good News!..... 

Here we are 1st January 2021!

We did it!

"Love is still the answer" album has arrived in CD format!

I'm  so happy to say that after the first batch was mailed out yesterday, we've received some great selfies that I'm able to share here of happy customers -thank you for your lovely messages!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the musicians for their consummate professionalism whilst working on this project, who made it an absolute 'joy' to create.

I have many people to thank for various reasons and I will endeavour to mention everyone as time goes on but for now I'll say a general THANK YOU to all who've been with me on this journey so far - Just a few 'mentions' :-

Thanks to Ceri at E-Spot Design for the many conversations we had designing the album cover (I think she's changed her telephone number now?)!!

Thank you to my lovely husband for his constant love and support who so happens to be the drummer on the album - The 'Mighty' Paul Smith.

I can't not mention a very special 'chap' who's enthusiasm, talent, encouragement, professionalism and support made this whole experience some of the most FUN I've had in years!  Thank you Al Steele at Shabbey Road Studios for the beautiful Musical Arrangements - (Musical arranger / Producer/ Guitars) - For getting 'The Show' concept in prep.  For attention to detail and for the laughs we had during this whole process - I've 'threatened' to move into the studio with m'sleeping bag!!   Awesome! 

Wishing everyone a 'better' new year

Good Health and happier times

Here's to US!

Elaine xxThank you!








Awaiting Album Delivery - Update 

Hi All,

I hope you're well.

Extraordinary circumstances indeed!

Delivery of  "Love Is Still The Answer" was scheduled for Monday 21st and the album has been dispatched, which would've been great and just in time for Christmas - but as you may be aware, couriers are having a nightmare time out there and I have to let you know that unfortunately we are still awaiting delivery of the album to us!

Disappointing for sure!  I can only apologise and hope that you will think on the same lines as me: In the scheme of things, a delay isn't something we should get too upset about considering what we're all facing during.... this pandemic?!!

I assure you that as soon as we receive, they'll be sent out to you - jiffy's are labelled and ready!

Wishing you the best Christmas-time possible - Let's get through this and I hope you will enjoy the album.....when it get gets to you!

Lots of Love

Merry Christmas

Elaine & Paul

Looking on the bright side! 

Hello Everyone

I'm happy to tell you that the CD's are on their way to us here at Gilmore HQ!

However - There is a delay, so I can't guarantee delivery to everyone who's ordered before Christmas.

I'm really sorry about this but I hope that like me you'll understand and feel the same as me that in the scheme of things, we really shouldn't get too upset about it as there are other more important 'concerns' for us all right now?

Stay Well!

I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the CD if you'd like to let me know (only if you've enjoyed it though!!)

I'm so happy to be receiving many supportive messages, orders, well wishes and  I thank you all for this.

Update to follow-when I have some good news!



It's on 'his' sleigh! 

Hi All

Hope you're all 'hanging in' there?!!

A quick update to ANNOUNCE the Album...you know-that 'thing' we've been talking about since before last Christmas is now available to hear/download on digital platforms and receiving great reviews from radio interviews, airplay and friends!

Songs recorded by Cilla Black, Dusty Springfield, Dionne Warwick, Elvis Costello, Christopher Cross. The Carpenters & more!

For those of US who are 'touchy/feely' kind of people-the CD is in production and we hope to receive it very soon!

Those who've already pre-ordered (I thank you) and you're first on the mail-out list!

You can always order extra copies as Christmas gifts/handy stocking fillers and spread the word as I'm hoping the album will cheer people up through next year as we hopefully move into a better 2021-We could make "What The World Needs Now Is Love" by Elaine Gilmore (of course) our new anthem - as Dionne has suggested before!

Thank you for your 'support' - "Alfie" is doing well as it was Dionne Warwick's 80th birthday today so we raise a glass to her! 

If you often listen to a particular radio station you are welcome, in fact ENCOURAGED to give them a call, an email or go and stand outside the station and shout/request a song from the album??!!

Don't forget to keep the album in mind for a New Year present/gift and instead of more chocolate how about a colourful Easter present?!!

Take care all xx

The Album can also be purchased from Derricks Records Swansea - Penarth Music Centre - Cadno Burry Port & other independent shops will be added.

I've chosen to support our high street shops-OR contact me through Facebook-Twitter or Instagram-Get in Touch!


Latest News!/Update :) 

Well hello everyone,

Here we are at the end of November 2020 - Do we laugh or cry? Hopefully we do our best to smile and get through this challenging time.

I enjoyed chatting to Owen Money - BBC Radio Wales on 30th October - he played "Alfie" & "What The World Needs Now".

After a guest appearance on Barry & Louise Walsh's " Wednesday 20 Show " recently I've had some lovely messages and it's been so great to be introduced to new music lovers from lots of different genres awesome!  ** (The Wednesday 20 Show 20th episode is available on Youtube)**

Dean Winters played a track from the album on his boxofficeradio.co.uk- that was a lovely show featuring songs from musicals with the letter 'w' in the title!

(Click 'how to listen'..listen.  Dean Winters)

Well, I'm excited to tell you that I'm a guest on the "Welsh Connections Radio Show" this week with Micheal Kennedy, where we'll be talking about amongst other things - my latest project - of course The Album - this will be available on mixcloud  next weekend-please have a listen he'll be playing tracks from the album that haven't been aired before! Some 1st exposures!

I'll be announcing the exact release dates for the album very soon maybe for the first time on the Welsh Connections Radio Show!

(We're looking at the second week of December for digital release and I hope to be sending the physical CD out soon after to those who've already ordered!)

"Alfie" continues to be enjoyed on Youtube  and of course now available on all digital platforms- "Alfie" by Elaine Gilmore - my middle daughter had it playing in a bar in Spain last week!

Don't forget that you can pre-order on this site or contact me on fb, twitter, instagram or email:- elainegilmoremusic@outlook.com

More updates very soon

Lots of love Elaine xx



World Kindness Day! 

It may well be Friday 13th, but it's also World Kindness Day!

I've been at times overwhelmed by acts of kindness shown to me and over the last few years it's these gestures of kindness that have helped to restore my faith in human nature, made me smile and indeed helped me to 'keep turning the pages' of what I call 'my book of life'!

It's also been so nice to be told that 'I've' helped people and 'my' kindness has made a difference too.

I've been asked to share this special video again which features some of my family, special friends and some of the musicians that we've created the new album with.

We're living in very challenging times and a few of my closest friends are having an extremely tough time right now - I hope that these situations are soon in the past let's try to help each other and lets try to make things better not worse for ourselves and generations to follow.

Lot of love



Hello Everyone

Thank you so much for all of your interest and support so far!

If you haven't seen the video on Youtube or heard "Alfie" yet then you MUST!! (and click SUBSCRIBE) button is FREE!

A little update:

The release of "Alfie" on digital platforms has been delayed a little! *New Date 8th NOV*

I can ANNOUNCE that we're on course for an early December release of the album!

I'm working together with Ceri at E Spot Designs on the album cover, (she's amazing!) I hadn't realised that there is so much to consider to produce this 'body of work'!

I'm a guest on BBC Radio Wales Tonight chatting with Owen Money around 10.30 so please tune in if you can!

Take good care, stay as well as possible during these extended tough times

Remember..."Love Is Still The Answer" !!

Team Gilmore!


Happy.....No SUPER EXCITED I think is the language today!


Yesterday A Very Special Day For My Family,,,,,

We Added A Video on Youtube to Accompany the Release of my Pre-Album single "Alfie" !


 The Single will be AVAILABLE from (new date) Nov 8th ON All usual digital formats

The Video is ON Youtube NOW!



Let me know what you think...........


Go to My Youtube channel, SUBSCRIBE and ENJOY!







Positive News! 

Firstly I Thank you for such lovely Support & Encouragement especially though-out the last 6 months!

A little update on our progress through these challenging times!

DRUM ROLL........................................................

We're getting ready to release Pre-Album Single!


I'm teasing you with a question:

Which Bacharach song do you think it will be?

Release Date Soon!

Elaine xx


Hot Off The Press!

I wanted to release a song ahead of the album release and our launch gig, when Corona Virus hit.
We figured this would speak more than any words could say...

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