Positive News!

Hello from us here at Elaine Gilmore HQ!

I thought I'd update you - as I'm getting enquiries as to WHEN my album will be available and I'm very happy about that! :)

We're trying to move forward in these challenging circumstances and I'm planning to get myself and my musicians back into the studio observing all social distancing measures at these 'difficult' times.

We need to finish this labour of love, we can see light at the end of the tunnel - it's just a slower 2nd half of the journey through it!

Losing 7 months worth of work (so far) hasn't been easy for us as both Paul and myself are self employed musicians/entertainers-Thank goodness that we're able to qualify for the government grant so we're managing to survive-sadly it's been a very difficult time indeed for entertainers, venues and people working in the industry who haven't had support at all. Let's hope we'll all get through this over the next few months and good times are ahead!

We're making headway though! 

We've raised money for the N H S through "What the world needs now" and I thank those of you who donated and I'm back back into the studio soon, so I figure that it's o.k. to fall as long as I'm falling forward and keep getting up!

Let's DO THIS!

Lots of Love - Keep Safe & Well All