MY BLOG - Continuing to look forward! Christmas gifts/News for December!

Hello and welcome to my BLOG.

Here we are mid-way through August-time is flying by!

Thank you to those who've ordered my album..great feedback...I'm grateful and happy.

Gigs are starting to come back for myself and Paul, this has brought a mixture of emotions to 'tackle' but the overall feeling is one of excitement!  We've missed our work!  We've missed 'what' we do!! We've missed our friends made through our love of music!

Throughout this last 18 months+ we've had some recording/studio work and that is set to continue with Paul recording a new John Owen Jones album and me recording some original songs etc..

The new Korgis album/CD's & vinyl record - "Kartoon World" is now available to order & fantastic) at the and they're rehearsing for gigs coming up including The Cavern in of course Liverpool so that's great news and certainly we're looking forward to those dates from September onwards! Enough about Paul Smith!!

I've had a lovely gig with The Phil Dando Big Band in Malvern, and a few local gigs to 'test my metal'!

My voice wasn't the only 'concern'..when I tried stage attire on, I was so shocked to discover that walking in my high heels/stage shoes was a's been so long!!  Panic over and with a few 'practice walks' around the house..I've managed!


I'm very happy to announce that I'll be supporting one of Scotlands real musical greats - Hamish Stuart, original lead vocal and guitarist with The Average White Band.

I'll be singing a few of the songs from my new album and excited to hopefully be 'premiering' an original song written for me by songwriter Ian Mitchard....pre EP release!

Further details to be confirmed nearer the time......

For now, look after yourselves, continue the good work spreading the news of the album THANK YOU!

Elaine xx



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