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Well hello everyone,

Here we are at the end of November 2020 - Do we laugh or cry? Hopefully we do our best to smile and get through this challenging time.

I enjoyed chatting to Owen Money - BBC Radio Wales on 30th October - he played "Alfie" & "What The World Needs Now".

After a guest appearance on Barry & Louise Walsh's " Wednesday 20 Show " recently I've had some lovely messages and it's been so great to be introduced to new music lovers from lots of different genres awesome!  ** (The Wednesday 20 Show 20th episode is available on Youtube)**

Dean Winters played a track from the album on his that was a lovely show featuring songs from musicals with the letter 'w' in the title!

(Click 'how to listen'..listen.  Dean Winters)

Well, I'm excited to tell you that I'm a guest on the "Welsh Connections Radio Show" this week with Micheal Kennedy, where we'll be talking about amongst other things - my latest project - of course The Album - this will be available on mixcloud  next weekend-please have a listen he'll be playing tracks from the album that haven't been aired before! Some 1st exposures!

I'll be announcing the exact release dates for the album very soon maybe for the first time on the Welsh Connections Radio Show!

(We're looking at the second week of December for digital release and I hope to be sending the physical CD out soon after to those who've already ordered!)

"Alfie" continues to be enjoyed on Youtube  and of course now available on all digital platforms- "Alfie" by Elaine Gilmore - my middle daughter had it playing in a bar in Spain last week!

Don't forget that you can pre-order on this site or contact me on fb, twitter, instagram or email:-

More updates very soon

Lots of love Elaine xx



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