Christmas Gift Ideas?!!

Here we are May 25th, almost half way through the year!!

Last night I received a request for 2 CD albums, 2 china mugs and 2 vinyl-look CD coasters!!

What 'shocked' me was that these are orders for Christmas gifts!!

I've hardly thought about Christmas, other than to 'hope' that we'll be able to meet and spend time with family and friends more comfortably, so I'm very impressed by this persons forward planning!!

Of course I'm very happy to put these gifts together and post out as requested two weeks before December 25th and on giving it some thought today, it 'hit' me that it really isn't that far away!!

I'm really thrilled with the reaction to the album and thank all who've supported me so far, subscribing to/viewing my Youtube version of "Alfie" to date 1.2+K views, purchasing the new album through this site or getting in touch through my social media sites etc.

I would also like to thank the radio presenters who've played various songs from the album over the last few months and given me such lovely continuing support and feedback!

I thank you!

I'm currently working on new material and will reveal all when we're a little closer to sharing what we've been creating!!

Coming Soon!!!

In the meantime please add me to your playlists.....e.g. Alexa play 'Love is still the answer' album by Elaine Gilmore...

Follow me on social platforms and let's continue to share this lovely music from the Burt Bacharach catalogue-(with our arrangements, our orchestra, fabulous musicians, creative twists and touches)

Listen to my album "Love is still the answer" and it certainly will be a pleasure to receive your orders for friends and family as we go through the year and indeed think of gifts that can be sent yes..........even for Christmas!!

At this point in time, we're not yet able to perform to our audiences in Wales U.K. so for now we keep in touch and rely on your social media support as we wait to be given the green light to resume plans for future shows.

Very soon we'll be long overdue to have more than one album wrap party as my husband Paul also has as The Korgis drummer a new album being released soon (available for pre-order now) and absolutely brilliant in my opinion!!

So....with shows planned and lots of live concerts/gigs in the pipeline I'll end here.....

For now as the Doobie Brothers say .."Whoa a whoa...listen to the music"!!

Lots of Love All!

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E. xx