Cover me in sunshine!

Hi All!

So..we 'may' love clothes in the colour Black? It gives us 'confidence'/ makes us look slimmer 'they' say??

Well, here we are in April and I just HAVE to get m' colours out!!

Yes I've over eaten and consumed a little more Malbec (yes vegan by the way- Mark!) over the last year than 'maybe' I should've....but I am getting out those colourful clothes as I find they cheer me up, do you agree?

I hope my new colour design photos will make you smile... and look out for more as I share more news .....

What could it be???

I will of course SHARE very soon!!

In the meantime, as always, your comment, support and friendship is appreciated - Songs from the album, indeed The entire new album is available on all digital formats!  Ask Alexa, i-tunes,Spotify to play "Love is still the answer" Album by Elaine Gilmore!!

A special mention to 2 very special people who've cheered me up in the last week with beautiful words in the form of emails- Thank you Sue & Phil and another mention to the beautiful Nicky Stevens for that wonderful review of the album-heartfelt thanks Nicky-very special words coming from you!

Best Wishes for April all - Keep smiling - Keep in touch!

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Elaine Gilmore "Alfie"