New Album News!

Hello My Friends!

I've been informed by my daughter Gemma that her lovely Spanish boyfriend Jose uses my blog to practice his English!

I thought I'd better say 'Hi' & fill you in on latest developments!

Welcome Jose!

As you know, many plans have been postponed, and us creative folk are trying to 'ride the storm' as we are unable to perform 'live' in the immediate future we have no dates to confirm as yet for my "Simply Bacharach Show" but I'm thrilled to announce that we've decided to extend the album! 

I will be going into the studio over the next few weeks with Al (socially distancing of course) - putting finishing touches to what we've already done & preparing to add at least another song or two...maybe we'll add four and just keep going as we just love them all!

Putting this album "Love Is Still The Answer" in motion has been a great experience, deepening my love for Burt Bacharach & Hal David's collaboration and from the response I've received on Facebook & YouTube to "What The World Needs Now" it seems I'm not alone receiving many lovely comments, compliments & over 67,000k views to date in around 6 weeks!

It's been a wonderfully exciting time for me so far working creatively with Al Steele, Ceri Darknell & the beautiful orchestra (which includes my wonderful husband Paul Smith on drums) at Shabbey Road Studios South Wales and I look forward to presenting the finished product ready for Christmas 2020.

Thank you for your continued support

Stay safe & Well- Hope to see you for Christmas Jose!

Lots of Love

Elaine xx