February Update!


Well here we are in February, and a very cold month so far indeed!

A little update:

We're not scheduling a "Sedaka meets Bacharach" show at the moment as quite frankly, I don't want the disappointment of not being able to fulfil the date, and of course we all need to feel safe and sure, relaxed to be able to have a fantastic night! 

Better news is that the album is being very well received and a lovely surprise to me that it's been bought as Valentine's gifts which is just wonderful! (Received a Mother's Day order yesterday too)! I'm just thrilled that it's being enjoyed!!

Last night "Alfie" was played on BBC Radio Wales again by Gabe Cameron & Eleri Sion as his 'musical choice' as of course "Alfie" was a movie starring Michael Caine (now Sir Michael Caine) in 1966. Eleri hadn't heard my version before and commented that she would like to hear more so that was very nice as it's not easy to get radio play if you're singing/playing 'covers'- it will be great if she enjoys hearing the rest of the album, ring in to Radio Wales (or any other station) to request if you're so inclined!

Just to let you know that I also have some 'merch' available in the form of a coaster & china mug - created by Sharon at "Arferaid" which can be packaged as a gift with chocolates inside for Mother's day along with a CD of course!Arriving today! 

I'm gathering reviews to share with you soon, but for now I'll wish you lots of music listening days and please all take good care of yourselves!

Have a great weekend!

More news soon!

Elaine xx


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