World Kindness Day!

It may well be Friday 13th, but it's also World Kindness Day!

I've been at times overwhelmed by acts of kindness shown to me and over the last few years it's these gestures of kindness that have helped to restore…



Hello Everyone

Thank you so much for all of your interest and support so far!

If you haven't seen the video on Youtube or heard "Alfie" yet then you MUST!! (and click SUBSCRIBE) button is FREE!

A little update:



Happy.....No SUPER EXCITED I think is the language today!


Yesterday A Very Special Day For My Family,,,,,

We Added A Video on Youtube to Accompany the Release of my Pre-Album single "Alfie" !


 The Single will be AVAILABLE from (new…


Positive News!

Firstly I Thank you for such lovely Support & Encouragement especially though-out the last 6 months!

A little update on our progress through these challenging times!

DRUM ROLL........................................................

We're getting ready to release Pre-Album Single!


I'm teasing you with…



Hello from an excited lady!

I can see light at the end of the tunnel!

The album is coming along really well, really taking shape and I can't tell you how much of a dream it's been to record in…


Positive News!

Hello from us here at Elaine Gilmore HQ!

I thought I'd update you - as I'm getting enquiries as to WHEN my album will be available and I'm very happy about that! :)

We're trying to move forward in these…


New Album News!

Hello My Friends!

I've been informed by my daughter Gemma that her lovely Spanish boyfriend Jose uses my blog to practice his English!

I thought I'd better say 'Hi' & fill you in on latest developments!

Welcome Jose!

As you…


Challenging Times Friends!

Hi All

How are you all doing? 

I can't tell you how much we miss performing, and things certainly are testing our resolve!

My "What the World Needs Now is Love" has raised some money currently £292.00 for the NHS…


How are you all?

Hi All

How are you all coping in these challenging times?

We continue to plan and I'm so looking forward to getting dressed up and performing all of the new songs featured on the album plus a few more! 


Looking Forward

Hi Everyone! 

Welcome to my website! 

Although we are facing some worrying times, it has been amazing what the human spirit has achieved. We have succeeded in getting the homeless off the streets, we are looking out for our neighbours…