February Update!


Well here we are in February, and a very cold month so far indeed!

A little update:

We're not scheduling a "Sedaka meets Bacharach" show at the moment as quite frankly, I don't want the disappointment of not being…

It's NOT a sin - It is indeed a GIFT!!

Hi Everyone!

Spring is on the way! Here's hoping for good news in the next few weeks/months, and that we are getting nearer to breaking out!!

We've been trying to keep ourselves occupied both physically and mentally, whilst staying home…



Hi All

I'm absolutely thrilled to say that the album is out and we're mailing out every week!

All pre-orders are now being mailed out and I'm receiving some wonderful compliments on the whole Look, Feel, Sound and Quality of…

Awaiting Album Delivery - Update

Hi All,

I hope you're well.

Extraordinary circumstances indeed!

Delivery of  "Love Is Still The Answer" was scheduled for Monday 21st and the album has been dispatched, which would've been great and just in time for Christmas - but as…

Looking on the bright side!

Hello Everyone

I'm happy to tell you that the CD's are on their way to us here at Gilmore HQ!

However - There is a delay, so I can't guarantee delivery to everyone who's ordered before Christmas.

I'm really sorry…

It's on 'his' sleigh!

Hi All

Hope you're all 'hanging in' there?!!

A quick update to ANNOUNCE the Album...you know-that 'thing' we've been talking about since before last Christmas is now available to hear/download on digital platforms and receiving great reviews from radio interviews…

Latest News!/Update :)

Well hello everyone,

Here we are at the end of November 2020 - Do we laugh or cry? Hopefully we do our best to smile and get through this challenging time.

I enjoyed chatting to Owen Money - BBC Radio…


World Kindness Day!

It may well be Friday 13th, but it's also World Kindness Day!

I've been at times overwhelmed by acts of kindness shown to me and over the last few years it's these gestures of kindness that have helped to restore…



Hello Everyone

Thank you so much for all of your interest and support so far!

If you haven't seen the video on Youtube or heard "Alfie" yet then you MUST!! (and click SUBSCRIBE) button is FREE!

A little update:



Happy.....No SUPER EXCITED I think is the language today!


Yesterday A Very Special Day For My Family,,,,,

We Added A Video on Youtube to Accompany the Release of my Pre-Album single "Alfie" !


 The Single will be AVAILABLE from (new…


Positive News!

Firstly I Thank you for such lovely Support & Encouragement especially though-out the last 6 months!

A little update on our progress through these challenging times!

DRUM ROLL........................................................

We're getting ready to release Pre-Album Single!


I'm teasing you with…



Hello from an excited lady!

I can see light at the end of the tunnel!

The album is coming along really well, really taking shape and I can't tell you how much of a dream it's been to record in…