Royal Albert Hall! - A few words.....

Hi All,

With everything that continues to go on in this world, from our daily challenges to what we see and hear in the news, is it any wonder that we benefit from switching off and love to enjoy music?

Recently I was asked if I'd like to get involved with a very special project! The Music Man Project.

Would I like to sing at The Royal Albert Hall?

I thought about it for a second…Oh Yes! 

Straight away I KNEW this was going to be very special and as we rehearsed, the excitement built knowing what this was going to mean.

It was indeed an absolute joy and a pleasure to meet so many open hearted people working TOGETHER to create opportunities for people with learning difficulties, raising awareness and providing accessible music tuition led by a very special man who had this vision around 20 years ago!

The beginning of this groundbreaking project is heartwarming and very inspiring and yes it was an amazing experience to ‘join hands’ with everyone and experience this beautiful theatre absolutely FULL of LOVE!

The Music Man Project being led by David Stanley BEM is supported by so many wonderful volunteers, family, Global Ambassadors, who work tirelessly to raise awareness), Patrons, Choirs, HM Royal Marines bands and many more who are enthused when they hear about the fantastic work going on in this charity that was loved by its president Sir David Amess who they lost after he was brutally murdered back in October 2021.

The Music Man Project has risen in his memory and  will continue to lift peoples hearts and change lives for the better!

Proving that there are in this world many ,many good things happening which is something we can lose sight of going back to the start of this blog! 

I will support them in any way I can moving forward. 

In the meantime, my life was also enriched by getting to know some of these people.

It was an honour and a privilege to sing backing vocals in this very special concert, very touching indeed when Michael Ball sang a song which explains the ethos and we all joined him in the chorus :-  “Make a Difference”

If you can donate to this project in any way I urge you to…

We can all just keep trying to ….make a difference ….

Thank you!

(I try to not leave it so long to update again!)



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