It's NOT a sin - It is indeed a GIFT!!

Hi Everyone!

Spring is on the way! Here's hoping for good news in the next few weeks/months, and that we are getting nearer to breaking out!!

We've been trying to keep ourselves occupied both physically and mentally, whilst staying home and trying to find motivation for other things other than eating!!

How are you doing? I hope you're starting to find glimmers of hope and planning a 'better' summer.........

It's been a very hard time indeed for those who've lost loved ones, and today the news is filled with the tributes being paid to the inspirational Sir Captain Tom after his death was announced yesterday. ** I just hope that we can all remember his inspirational quotes, his attitude to life and take that forward in our everyday lives as we gradually return to better times.**

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Suggestion for GIFT IDEAS!   We've had people re-ordering which in itself is a great compliment! 

I'm so thrilled that the album's being enjoyed & re-ordered - with songs that were recorded by Dionne Warwick, Cilla Black, Christopher Cross, The Carpenters & even Elvis Costello - ( Track 7-"God Give Me Strength" from the film "Grace of My Heart") it has a great selection and something for people who simply appreciate REAL MUSIC, featuring a REAL ORCHESTRA - it deserves a listen?!! - Made up of some of my old friends/musicians that I've worked with over the years and other musicians that have become my friends throughout the making of this album this has indeed been a wonderful 'project' and one I want to share with the world!!

These guys'n'gals really did a superb job, their pro attitude, talent and hard work comes through and indeed it made my job an absolute pleasure to create this body of work with them!! 

You can't 'gift' a download, you can't see the cover details, enjoy the vinyl-look CD, or feel the quality so what about this for an idea?!! 

We've got Valentine's Day coming up Feb 14th!

Mother's Day  March 14th!

And it's also a great Birthday GIFT IDEA?

With songs from the 60's, 70's, & 80's played by these awesome musicians, why not give it a whirl?!!

The singing's not so shabby either?!! (recorded at Shabbey Road Studios)!!

*Let me know what you think?!!*

Cheers everyone,

Here's to the music! 






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