Good News!.....

Here we are 1st January 2021!

We did it!

"Love is still the answer" album has arrived in CD format!

I'm  so happy to say that after the first batch was mailed out yesterday, we've received some great selfies that I'm able to share here of happy customers -thank you for your lovely messages!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the musicians for their consummate professionalism whilst working on this project, who made it an absolute 'joy' to create.

I have many people to thank for various reasons and I will endeavour to mention everyone as time goes on but for now I'll say a general THANK YOU to all who've been with me on this journey so far - Just a few 'mentions' :-

Thanks to Ceri at E-Spot Design for the many conversations we had designing the album cover (I think she's changed her telephone number now?)!!

Thank you to my lovely husband for his constant love and support who so happens to be the drummer on the album - The 'Mighty' Paul Smith.

I can't not mention a very special 'chap' who's enthusiasm, talent, encouragement, professionalism and support made this whole experience some of the most FUN I've had in years!  Thank you Al Steele at Shabbey Road Studios for the beautiful Musical Arrangements - (Musical arranger / Producer/ Guitars) - For getting 'The Show' concept in prep.  For attention to detail and for the laughs we had during this whole process - I've 'threatened' to move into the studio with m'sleeping bag!!   Awesome! 

Wishing everyone a 'better' new year

Good Health and happier times

Here's to US!

Elaine xxThank you!








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