Egg Shells!! Christmas isn't that far away!!

Well "Happy July"!!

Congratulations to the England Football Team qualifying last night, now set to play Italy in the final!!

We wait to see how it will go now for Theatre venues and other live entertainment venues hoping that using cautious guidelines and dare I say common sense, we can see more shows given the green light, but it feels like I'm walking on egg shells as do we prepare only to be told our shows can't go ahead again or go ahead with confidence?

In the meantime we're preparing with hope and I'm also hoping that this weekend Jeff Hooper and I will enjoy 'dipping our toes in the water' as we are performing self contained & socially distanced in Wales - I must say that rehearsing a few Bacharach songs yesterday I found myself crying with pent up emotion which took me by surprise, but I suppose it's understandable as the last 16 months have been rather a shock to the entertainment/hospitality industry to say the least.

On the bright side I'm writing this blog and you're reading it!  We're doing 'ok'!!

The CD's are being received rather well and our "Alfie" video on Youtube is steadily being seen and heard around the world, that's pretty awesome in these times!

David and I are even wondering if our 'Sedaka meets Bacharach' show can be re-scheduled with confidence!!

We'll see!!



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